I have been in cryptocurrencies since mid 2017. It started after 2 years of failed attempts at trading in traditional markets. When one day my cousin came to me and was like hey I made 10000 dollars from 3300 dollars by putting it in bitcoin. This was when bitcoin was sitting at 4,000 dollars and went to 20,000 dollars, in December of 2017 and the euphoria was so high that everything seemed invincible for bitcoin. Although it simmered off after a peak to almost nose diving back to the ground reaching levels of 3,700k the little amount of people that remained had an almost cult like conviction and understanding of this technology. The cult like movement who saw and see the movement always knew that there is something very big in this tech and only the core people with diamond believes kept on learning about this technology every day all the way to the lowest level of price movement to around 3700.

Today thinking about bitcoin at 3,700 would mean for almost 80 percent of the population that I know will throw my money in this. With the whole industry evolved and enabling of defi with AMM protocol running on blockchain like uniswap first and for a while- than pancake swap, then quick swap and various others. Uniswap gained popularity around October of last year tremendously increasing utility of eth by allowing amm on defi and opening a whole new pandoras box of possibilities and other blockchains followed suite. And in this day each blockchain coming up with their own ecosystems and polkadot coming to connect these ecosystems. NFTs booming with the value of what they would evolve not even being priced in to the ecosystems the growth over the coming era of this technology could not be fathomed. Just like you couldn’t fathom how the world would be in 2013 from 2003. Very very limited people in 2017 could have fathomed the existence of nfts and defi. These terms were unheard of and almost always misunderstood and were abstract concepts.

With the boom of defi. And me being into it from the very first few days. One token in my opinion that saw uniswap even before anyone saw uniswap was HEX. And 2 months after it came to being I believe the full uniswap ecosystem started gaining popularity. My issue was what value do I get for my token. Yes it was easy to get into tokens but I didn’t personally see how I would use this token every day. It was always nice though to see a token just go up though. So these 2 things- utility and price growth-is what always excited me. And after trading and flipping 100s of tokens in several different trends and defi concepts. I came up with my own token with sight on utility as well as price growth.

And grise started its development in January of 2021 with 2 contracts a sale contract which took 3 weeks to write and we ended up raising 39 bnb for liquidity. And the next contract for grises economic contract/ pool contract which was well researched and written over a 2 month period. We have been developing our AI since then and our nfts as well as our nft mechanics. And plan to peg the utility of our token and nfts to our ai platform as well as our video game that we have a concept of and are looking for the right person to develop.

It is our intention to use grse token and nfts to continue the growth of grise. And we want it to be a complete community driven token. This is why the total supply is always equal to the circulating supply. And the tokens can be used to vote for the development of the project beyond what we have stated in our roadmap as well as reward incentive for our future planned game release . In any token community is the most powerful thing and with voting and growing this platfrom. It is the vision to grow this platform into something more phenomenal every day, we do have vote.grise.finance under development and there will always be few options available for people to vote.. Thank you everyone for being a part of this journey in this little drop of grise inside this whole metaverse of blockchain ecosystems, interconnecting and growing into something we cant even fathom.

GRISE.finance aims to provide top of the line AI price prediction models for crypto currencies to its stakers and NFT holders