As we approach the launch of our NFTs, lets touch base on what grise is and where its heading. How our NFTs fit in our current and future ecosystem.

Before we go into full utility of our NFTs lets look at the mechanics of our NFTs.

Mechanics Of Grise NFTs


As we move towards releasing our AI on the 20th and our NFTs on the 5th of November. We will have a major upgrade on the UI under the nft section by October 15th.

Currently our NFT user interface is represented in the following manner.

Expect this to…

With GRISE, you can Harness the power of our AI Price Prediction Model to make more money in every Market Conditions

How are retail investors supposed to compete with quant funds, especially if they’re not machine learning developers?

That’s one of the problems we’re planning to solve.

Our AI platform… aims to provide top of the line AI price prediction models for crypto currencies to its stakers and NFT holders

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